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Barbershop Misconceptions - Vol. I

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the barbershop, so I'm going to spend a bit of time writing here to try and dispel some of those.

You need to have a beard to go to the barbershop.

False. It's often thought, particularly here in Norway, that you have to have a beard to go to the barbershop. This couldn't be further from the truth. I've lost count of the number of conversations I've had where the person has joked that they will grow a beard so they can come and get it fixed at the barbershop. I even had one instance when a client, after I had cut his hair and beard, said "I'm going to tell all my friends to come here. Oh wait, they don't have beards!". When I pointed out I had just cut his hair too we laughed, oh how we laughed, at his comment, but this is a common perception of a barbershop here in Norway. I even had a recent client ask if I was just cutting hair as a "hobby"! So my aim is to change that perception, starting with this post. Barbers cut hair. Whether that's head hair or face hair (we usually draw the line there!), it doesn't matter.

"Barbers cut hair. Head hair, face hair, it doesn't matter"

Barbers can't work with longer hairstyles

False. There's any idea going around that a "barber haircut" is a short back and sides with the top hacked at a bit with scissors. If this is your experience of the barbershop, you need to get a new barber. If your barber can't work with/isn't confident with scissors, you need to get a new barber. Any true barber would baulk at the idea of not being able to use scissors. We're talking about one of the oldest professions known to mankind, long before Wahl and Andis were producing equipment helping us to achieve the "perfect fade". So if longer styles are your thing, or if you have long flowing locks, head over to This Charming Barber and we'll take care of you just as we would someone asking for a high, tight skinfade!

"If your barber can't work with scissors, you need to get a new barber"

The barbershop is a place for only men

False. At least, that's the case at This Charming Barber. At the weekend we had the pleasure of welcoming our first female client to This Charming Barber, and long may that continue. I was shocked to hear her talk of a visit to another shop where she was refused entry because of her gender. Get a grip mate, it's 2020! I know some other shops that operate this policy in, I hope, a more tongue in cheek way, but at This Charming Barber, everyone is welcome, or as Sylvie Fleury puts it, "Yes To All"!

So that's my first of, hopefully, many posts. I edited the title to call it volume 1, as I'm sure other misconceptions will come to me from time to time. Further posts to follow as an when time/inspiration accommodates.

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