Graham Hill Beard Wash Cleansing Powder

Graham Hill Beard Wash Cleansing Powder

RASCASSE Beard Wash Cleansing Powder is an enzyme powder that gently cleans the beard and facial skin well. Enzymes remove the keratinocytes secreted by the skin and facial hair. Cold-pressed jojoba oil provides moisture for the skin beneath the beard, which is often dry, and nourishes the beard hair. Sweet orange and cedar oil have a revitalising and antiseptic effect. A hint of fresh mint provides a wonderfully crisp, fresh scent.  

Application: Before initial use, twist dosing dispenser open and remove stopper. Then apply a powder dosage to moist hands by turning the bottle over, rub into a creamy lather and work into the damp beard. Allow to work in briefly and then rinse thoroughly


  • Cleansing enzyme powder
  • Especially gentle
  • With jojoba oil, sweet orange oil, cedar oil and mint
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